Pets and Nerds attack Planet Earth

by Action Dead Mouse

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Action Dead Mouse is the title of the performance where Joseph Beuys puts on, in his way, death and rebirth of art. But the result of resurrection is inevitably different than what there was before. And above all, It has a big question mark in front of him.
Action Dead Mouse is a project that comes up from the ashes of other projects and from unexpected meetings, from ideas picked up along the years and from sudden sound illuminations, from left instruments and then recovered all dusty. It was born in the same brain area that comes in function at the time when the bride chooses to leave the own marriage when all guests already sit and the parents have already started taking out handkerchief and purse.
In a certain way escape into dream world searching for new illusions, with a concrete risk of non-return, is the crucial point of the concept that is behind this band establishment, built and active in Bologna since January 2005. Initially there was a trio and after having stunned lots of violoncellists at conservatoire exit, they made the decision to revert their curiosity towards viola sound, maybe less known and underestimated strings instrument but far the more versatile and in other words the most beautiful. So the band becomes Italian for three quarters and Spanish for one quarter, under the banner of multiculturalism.
After one year of hysteric shouts and self-reclusion in Bologna suburbs building undergrounds, as long as a train and as high as 13 trains, they recorded EP « Pets and Nerds attack Planet Earth » in 3 days and direct coupling, making a collection of 8 semi-instrumental pieces between indie and post rock, a bastard mix of single experiences in blues, punk, classic music and in the rarefied and noisy sound atmospheres.
The result is an intriguing bastard child of the likes of Room 204, Bob Tilton, Shellac or Red Neck Manifesto. It could also be described as Don Cabellero who would have gone on a diet to reach their ideal weight. Brainy and punchy, the interweaving looped guitar patterns and distinctive complicated but straightforward drumming, surprise with a touching singularity and pedigree. The obstination of delayed guitars and wistful breaks in "Wegmann", the dub-rock loose energy of "Edgar", the subtelty of collapsing melodies of "Adulationize" or even the focused anger of "The day Grandma died" make for a rewarding and fascinating listen for any instrumental indie-rock lover!


released April 15, 2007

Greed Recordings - 2007 - GR07




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